business woman

Submissive brunette gets tied up, cuffed, has her torso dripped with wax and gets brutally fucked

I never wanted to be a business woman for various reasons, but also, because of other reasons, this hardcore sex video makes me rethink my position. Let’s say if something were to go wrong in some business field and a dominating client states that the only way in which he will end a deal with me is if I offer myself to him and become his sex slave, then I think I’d have lots of fun and I will also be a successful business woman because brutal sex is one of my favourite past time activities.


This kinky brunette starts to get down and dirty with this dominating business man, she showing him how provocative she can dress and making his cock drip during every meeting, during this time, he takes some hand cuffs that have been prepared for this special occasion and cuffs this sultry minx to the nearest couch, afterwards he probes her mouth with his fingers trying to see how deep can his cock go when he finally decides to fuck her delicate throat.


To make her fully understand who exactly is in charge of the account that they are working on, he takes a nearby candle and pours the wax on her torso making her writhe in pleasure. This, of course, leads to the fact that later on she gets bound in rope so that he can have brutal sex with her stubborn pussy.


But her pussy is not the only thing that is stubborn, her ass is as well she will not just cease with the moans so the only reasonable thing to do is to put a ball gag in her mouth and fuck her sensible ass hole until she knows how to show some proper respect.


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