The Annihilation of Teanna Trump



This cute brunette slut is brutally bound and fucked rotten in this sexually charged rough sex and bondage video update from Watch her take it deep and beg for more!


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Hot and Hardcore BDSM Bondage Movie



The always stunning, Dani Daniels, has one of the most extreme submissive scenes ever and the most hardcore shoot with James Deen to date. She is sexually dominated and mind fucked into an orgasmic oblivion.


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Bound And Fucked Blonde Babe



Twenty-three year old, Carter Cruise, becomes Mr. Pete’s bondage bitch in this intense, rough sex scene. Carter is fucked hard and deep before she orgasms in this classic, bdsm session.


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James Deen and Rose Red Bondage Fuck At Ranch



James Deen joins Rose Red in this ridiculously hot feature presentation. Rose plays a 22-year-old All American girl who loves to get rough and James does what he does best, which is giving her exactly what she needs.


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Two Lost Fuck Slaves: Apocalyptic Hunter Scores Big



Darling and Casey Calvert find themselves captured by a hunter in a post-apocalyptic future. They’re all alone with nowhere to go and no one to hear their screams. He torments them with bondage and then fucks them both raw with rough sex and anal, leaving their pussies soaking wet with huge orgasms.


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Country Convict Part Two!



Here’s the follow-up to the exciting and hot feature Busty blonde Summer Brielle, is taken to a secluded ranch and trained to be an obedient sex slave by James Deen. Watch Summer along with slave girl Gaia, live out their darkest fantasies with rough sex and bondage.


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Convict Submission



In this fantasy role play, Gaia has been taken out of a women’s prison and brought to a secluded country ranch for an experimental rehabilitation program. However, the program is just a facade for a corrupt prison guard and a wealthy land owner to turn convicts into trained sex slaves. New girl Gaia impresses with her sexual appetite for rough sex and ability to be bound while getting face fucked and anal sex by James Deen.


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Brutal Consent – A James Deen Feature



A special SAS feature starring Casey Calvert,and James Deen. Two college students are driving through the desert and get pulled over by a phony sheriff. The girls are thrown into the back of a cop car and taken to a remote place where they become his personal fuck holes. Stellar bondage and rough sex scenes with anal pounding, brutal punishments and intense orgasms!


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Two women and two men enjoy a great session of bondage sex where a woman gets heavily used

Sometimes I wonder if the swingers’ lifestyle is the lifestyle that best suits me because I deeply enjoy watching hardcore sex movies but life is different than the movies as you too have come to realize, I am sure. But I do admit that watching these two couples having rough sex with each other really gets me going and maybe one day I will be brave enough to try this with my partner.


Things in this kinky sex session start out brutally and how else can they start when two beautiful couples are involved and enjoy stripping a gorgeous redhead that is eventually fingered by one of the men that already has an erection. Then the victim is decided upon, it is the submissive brunette that gets stripped, tied down to the bed and has her pussy fucked hard instantly. The other two participants shove their cock and strap-on to her face putting this sultry brunette to work.


For being incredibly loud, because she is enjoying herself, the tied up brunette gets her mouth gagged with a black ball gag while the solidary redhead teases her continuously with a Hitachi toy, one of the men jacking off to this lovely image.


All in all, the insatiable brunette gets a cock down her throat and one up her pussy, sharing the one in her mouth with the ginger head because sharing is caring, right? Sometimes she got her hair pulled, other times she got her ass spanked but ultimately, this sexy brunette satisfied all three of them and came really hard herself.


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Blonde slut gets her ass licked by a brunette slut that is fucked by a giant cock while getting shocked

Few men get to have the luck that this dominat man has: he gets to enjoy two beautiful, submissive ladies that are nuts over bondage sex. In fact, they would do just about anything to be treated like sex slaves by a man with a big cock that knows how to handle it. They are not afraid or ashamed of being humiliated either and coincidentally they adore licking each other’s pussies and ass holes.


The submissive brunette is the first of the three to enjoy the taste of pussy on her lips because being tied up with her hands behind her back, just like her sexy blonde partner she is made to lick her while on her knees and bent forward to really get her tongue in that blonde’s cunt.


Having experienced some free rough sex the blonde owes some pleasure to this dominating bull so she is grabbed by the hair and made to perform a beautiful deep throat on that stud while she is grabbed by the hair to maintain a steady rhythm. The brunette is not neglected at all as she stands on her knees, waiting her turn at kinky sex, the man flogs her breasts.


The tastiest cunt of the two must be the blonde’s because this stud keeps pushing the brunette’s face into it, forcing her to eat her out whether she likes it or not. This is probably just to prepare the blonde whore for some more intense se so he dives into her cunt, leaving the brunette with clothes’ pins on her nipples and tongue.


Ultimately, her understanding and patience, the brunette is rewarded with a good, thorough session of sex and a powerful orgasm.


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Adorable, petite teen gets her throat fucked, her pussy rubbed and is fucked from behind while tied up

If my high school teachers were as handsome, dominating and perverted as this man from this BDSM video I would have popped my cherry long ago with someone like that that knows very well how to please a young lady, that knows when to kiss and when to slap, when to caress and when to choke, when to fuck hard and when to tease and be restrictive.


This dominating man seems to be the perfect man to have hardcore sex with because he is doing a pretty good job in working up this beautiful teen that looks like she is in for the sexual experience of her life. She gets her cunt caressed as he whispers in her ears all the filthy things that they are about to do together and starts to undress her while biting her ear softly.


In return for this wonderful treatment she gets on her knees obediently and with her hands behind her back she offers him the most incredible, sloppy blowjob he will every experience, taking his dick all the way down her tiny throat, licking his balls and flicking her tongue across the tip of his dick.


Knowing that this brutal sex session will not be anything she will ever experience, she spreads wide for this mature man, letting him go as deep as he pleases inside her young pussy. Later on, he ties her up with her hands behind her back and fucks her some more on the bed, putting her on her side and letting her scream out of pleasure as much as she wants until she finally cums.


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Submissive and naughty girl sucks two big cocks and is tied down while handling a double penetration

If you happen to have a fetish for petite, young looking women, this naughty blonde is just right for you. Not only does she look incredibly young and innocent but she takes cock in every hole like a true woman that knows how to please herself and her partner, or, in this case, partners.


She does not waste any time when meeting the opportunity to have rough sex in public places, she immediately takes off her clothes, bends over to suck the nearest dick while another eases into her prepared pussy and the fun can start for everyone. She then shows off her oral skills by kneeling and performing a deep throat on each of the men in that public bathroom. They grab her by the throat and start to brutally fuck it hardly resisting her child-like charm.


Not long after this, the men seeing how much of a sex slave this girl is they tie her up to the bench inside a locker room, puts a ball gag in her mouth and start to verbally humiliate this naughty and submissive girl that has cock on her mind constantly.


Having something special prepared for her they tie her down to a wooden device this time, flog her beasts and demand her to suck cock as well as she can while having her pussy teased with a Hitachi toy. Hardly completing this task one of the men pierces her tiny ass hole with his thick dick and begins to have brutal sex with her. Following his lead, the other man starts to fuck her throat like it has never been fucked before, and the three of them cum at the same time.


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Submissive whore is put on display in a store is tied up and gets a double penetration from big cocks

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping but if clothes shopping were always this much fun and inexpensive, I would be doing it on a daily basis! This hardcore movie is clearly for those of you that have a bit of a public sex fetish because the sultry woman in this video is getting undressed, teased, fucked, humiliated and tortured in a clothes’ store and even through there is only one person besides her boyfriend that sees her, the place is presumably public.


She is wearing nothing but a spread bar for her legs and is skilfully using a Hitachi toy on her sensitive clit to stimulate herself more while she is sucking on her partner’s wonderfully large dick. This is all taking place in the back of a clothes’ store so when things get really intense he brings her up front to tie her arms above her head, put a red ball gag in her mouth to make her silent and starts to rub her himself with that Hitachi toy until she can’t take it anymore and cums right there.


After having cum once she is more relaxed and so is her ass so without any difficulty, her partner manages to insert a few fingers in there until he can fit his entire fist in there.


Later on a man walks in the shop and sees this girl put on display, wearing nothing but rope, nipple clamps and smeared lipstick that reads SALE .He immediately catches interest and asks her owner details about this bargain. Finally after a few good minutes of negotiation the two men agree to do a double penetration on this girl while she is tied up and helpless.


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Submissive brunette gets her pussy fucked by a dominating man and by a machine and has her nipples clamped

This dominating man seems to know exactly how much to tease his slave since they seem to have incredible chemistry and hardcore sex like I have rarely been given the chance to see. He must know very well that her weakness is being penetrated by machines and toys because throughout this BDSM video she gets her pussy fucked by the most amazing devices and the sounds that she is making will surely make your cock rock solid.


She is firstly prepared, undressed, bound in tape and made to ride an electrical vibrator that both penetrates her and stimulates her sensible clit, you can imagine the sounds she is making while riding that pleasure machine. To make things even more irresistible she gets brutally throat-fucked until she drools all over herself and nearly gags on her partnerÆs cock.


After having cum while undergoing this pleasurable procedure, she has her hands tied to each other in front of her, is thrown on the bed and has a gag put in her mouth to prepare her for what is about to happen: thatÆs right! She gets paddled with a transparent paddle until her ass is nice and red.


She does not get cock in her pussy or ass just yet, she needs to have some kinky sex with another fucking machine so this time she is put on her back, bound in tape once more and her nipples are clamped while a fucking machine penetrates her dripping cunt.


The reward for this wonderful experience? Master gets to cum inside His slave’s mouth and she swallows every last drop.


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Plump woman with mouth gag gets tied up, has clothes? pins on her breasts and gets fucked hard in the ass

I have to say that I resonate powerfully with this rough sex video because I, myself am a plump and curvy woman and I love it when my boyfriend teases me before sex and like a playful kitten I act all upset and pretend that I am not interested just so I can get him worked up and make him grab a fistful of my hair, kiss me passionately, choke me and make me his for the entire night.

This beautiful, curvy woman with nothing but some panties on sits obediently straight and waits for her physical examination from her partner who does a fine job in groping her breasts and teasing her nipples not to mention shoving his hand down those simple, white panties to rub her aching clit.


How does she reward his caring attitude towards her? She of course gets down on her knees and lazily sucks on his hard dick as if it were the last time she would be doing this erotic gesture. She knows that he loves it when she looks up at him with her pleading eyes and makes sure that she always keeps focus both on her sucking and on her gazing.


For being such a naughty girl she is then tied up with her hands close to her feet, ass up in the air and is thrown on the bed to have her fat ass beaten with a small cane, preparing it for the brutal sex that will soon follow. So this dominating man starts easing his cock inside her tight ass hole and she moans and purrs as he does this. He also does a pretty good job in reminding her who is in charge by putting one leg on her head as he abuses her ass, finally filling it up with cum.


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