Submissive, blonde whore sucks off a man and gets tied up, shocked, blindfolded and gagged in the same day

I remember someone telling me that he had a fantasy involving a woman that is to become a true prostitute for him one evening. He would love to pick her off the streets with his car, make her suck him off in there, take her home, have brutal sex with her and pay her off in the end. Well, this hardcore sex video is something like that, only with a kinky twist and more explicit but I hope you enjoy it.


First off, this dominating man with a huge dick gets in touch with a prostitute in the street. He is blonde, beautiful and willing to suck him off, so she squats and starts to slowly gulp on his erect cock getting him more and more aroused and ready to have brutal sex with her later on when he takes her home.


She has no idea that this man is no ordinary man but a dominating man that loves to see his women helpless and tied up so for a few extra bucks, she complies and lets him tie her up with her hands above her head and her legs spread wide. But that is not all; she also gets blindfolded so any touch that she receives from him lets out a powerful sigh of pleasure and surprise.


Because she is now helpless, bound and blindfolded she also gets her nipples clamped with a metal device and before she knows it, small electric shocks are sent through her body while having weights put both on her nipple clamps and on her pussy lips.


How else could a session like this end than with a good hardcore fucking? So she gets untied from the ceiling and the blindfold is taken off to be replaced with a ball gag. She is then brutally fucked until both of them receive their release that has been building up during all of this prolonged foreplay.


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