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Blonde ward patient is fucked by her doctor and his stocking-wearing secretary

This mental institute is my kind of place if the secretaries are so sultry and the doctors so demanding and unmerciful. I think you will enjoy this rough sex video like never before because both the secretary and the blonde, lustful patient look incredibly hot and their sex drive is over the roof! Who wouldn’t want to see a blonde and a brunette fighting over which one can have the first lick or the first thrust from doctor Love over here? I bet you are anxious yourself to watch these two gorgeous women in action.


The blonde patient has an appetite for cock like no other and her brunette secretary is slowly introducing her to the secret and lovely games of pussy fisting. She does not spare her ass of any slaps, either, she considers that proper punishment must be applied in order to receive treatment from this medical doctor. The secretary on the other hand shows this blonde patient that ultimately she is the patient and her position in the ward is clearly above her and she should be treated with respect so she puts on a strap and fucks her pussy while shoving a plug up her ass.


To fully make the blonde patient understand the secretary’s position in the ward, she smothers her face and makes her eat her cunt while doctor is performing a fucking on her. The ropes holding her seemed to be rather old-school and mundane for a mental institute so doctor decides that she should be bound to the examination table instead. That way things are more authentic and she can have extreme bondage sex without struggling too much.


Such a treatment is applied only to special, good-looking patients that suffer from lack of forced sex,  the majority of them relapse and need to repeat treatment but that’s a good thing, right?


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