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This bondage Master right here seems to be a truly skilled on because handling two horny slaves is no easy task. He was wise to let a Mistress help him in taming these two insatiable whores that are good for nothing else but fucking. At first they are stripped naked, tied up with their hands above their head and made to suffer while the bdsm Master and the Mistress have their way with their sensitive whore nipples. One of the slaves is more obedient so she is left without a mouth gag while the other is more cheeky and has a mouth gag inserted.


At one point the one that is gagged gets fisted by her Mistress while the other is forced to watch and learn how to please a lady, then¬† her gag is removed and her task is to stand while Master has his way with her whore throat. These two slaves seem to obey very strict rules as if they were made for rough sex. My favourite part in this BDSM video is when Master fucks the blonde whore’s throat while being tied up and the brunette whore gets her fist in the blonde slave’s ass while the brunette is licking the blonde’s pussy and the brunette herself is being fisted by the Mistress. That’s what I call real sexual team work!


At one point the brunette slave gets her ass plugged and the blonde is forced to watch while the blonde herself was getting fucked in her pussy and tied up by her Master. All good things end in an orgasm so Master spurts his load on the eager tongues of the two submissive slaves.


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