Pretty slave girl gets tied up, fucked, gagged and suspended upside down in rough brutal sex

This is probably just an  ordinary Saturday evening in the life of a slave that has the sole purpose of pleasing her beloved Master and in return, He treats her as his greatest treasure, fucking her, protecting her and putting her to respect.


As for a nice warm-up He decides that she must be tied up and forced to cum using a Hitachi toy, a very selfish way to start the evening if  we think from the slave’s point of view but Master knows best. Next it’s time for His pleasure so she does not fail to deliver the best blow-job a slave can give, taking special care to the tip of the dick, sucking it with all the passion in the world, tongue swirling and everything else that can be done in a pleasurable manner to a cock only using a woman’s mouth.


In order to make things special tonight, Master has installed for her a new toy, a hook that this time has to be inserted into her precious pussy but not in an average way but while she is suspended upside-down and to complete the pose He, of course, decides to fuck her throat.  If this isn’t real extreme sex then I really don’t know what is. Seeing her in this pose, I really think she was born  to be His sexual slave,  His personal fuck toy to use and abuse each time it is necessary.


And what better method to make yourself remembered as a Master than to pour hot wax on your slave’s chest, marking her, making her your personal property. One of the most successful and beautiful relationships are built on the basis of dirty, raw sex and submission.


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