Busty brunette is tied up and fucked by two men while having an anal hook inside her

This girl is my kind of girl, not only does she enjoy MMF threesomes but she also enjoys having her ass played with just like I know I do, I am a wholeheartedly anal slut. I can tell that she loves being tied up and having two men play with each and every hole that she has because only that red ball gag can make her screams and moans of pleasure be muffled sounds.


She doesn’t seem to mind having her nipples tortured also, seeing how bravely she can handle the ones that are put on her. And even the weight on them and the fact that her nipples are pierced can’t seem to make her want to stop begging to be brutally fucked like a rag doll. The most impressive scene has to be the one where she is cuffed down and has an anal hook inserted in her. She must be feeling so helpless being exposed like that, hardly having the patience it  takes to receive a session of brutal sex with two hot, Dominant men.


She must be a professional slave-slut seeing how well she takes in her ass both a steel hook and a nice, thick cock, all the while having the small of her back flogged. This should teach her to ever disrespect a Sir ever again, him or his friends.  But Sir, feels like sharing his slut so while she is being tied up, He takes her in her welcoming ass and his friend takes her in her cunt, all the while having her hair pulled just so that she may remember who is always in charge.


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