Brunette and sexy nurse gets cuffed by a dominating patient and is forced to suck him off and fuck him

Watching this hardcore video makes me think of several things, one of them is that I wish I looked as wicked and pretty as this brunette, pin-up nurse that is just screaming sex with every piece of her body. Another thing that I want is her badass attitude that makes her patient go over the edge and take advantage of her, and you can’t blame him, she comes all dressed up in stockings and wearing make up to do a physical exam on him but, fortunately she was the one getting examined in the end.


She gets put to her knees at first, stripped and has a red ball gag in her mouth, all the while; the patient’s cock has been pulsating and dreaming to be in her own damp spot. He was not at all surprised that she had been really wet when he already cuffed her to the bed, pulling her hair and asking her why she is such a fucking tease. The answer was simple: she is an insatiable sex slave that gets off fucking patients. Sex slaves need to be treated accordingly so she gets her pussy fisted and his fist slowly slides in as she moans for more.


The mouth gag comes off just to make her suck his engorged dick that has been aching ever since he was assigned to her, so she gets on her knees and shows him how a sloppy blow job is done. Trying to show her how it means to be locked up, he bounds her in a metal device and makes sure that she is bent over so that he may finally dive into her greedy, teasing pussy. After a few minutes of brutal sex, the patient came inside the nurse and left here there, covered in his cum.


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