plump woman

Plump woman with mouth gag gets tied up, has clothes? pins on her breasts and gets fucked hard in the ass

I have to say that I resonate powerfully with this rough sex video because I, myself am a plump and curvy woman and I love it when my boyfriend teases me before sex and like a playful kitten I act all upset and pretend that I am not interested just so I can get him worked up and make him grab a fistful of my hair, kiss me passionately, choke me and make me his for the entire night.

This beautiful, curvy woman with nothing but some panties on sits obediently straight and waits for her physical examination from her partner who does a fine job in groping her breasts and teasing her nipples not to mention shoving his hand down those simple, white panties to rub her aching clit.


How does she reward his caring attitude towards her? She of course gets down on her knees and lazily sucks on his hard dick as if it were the last time she would be doing this erotic gesture. She knows that he loves it when she looks up at him with her pleading eyes and makes sure that she always keeps focus both on her sucking and on her gazing.


For being such a naughty girl she is then tied up with her hands close to her feet, ass up in the air and is thrown on the bed to have her fat ass beaten with a small cane, preparing it for the brutal sex that will soon follow. So this dominating man starts easing his cock inside her tight ass hole and she moans and purrs as he does this. He also does a pretty good job in reminding her who is in charge by putting one leg on her head as he abuses her ass, finally filling it up with cum.


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