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It’s been far too long since I came across a schoolgirl fantasy and these pictures represent exactly how I imagined an abduction would take place. And this innocent looking little girl is the perfect victim to star in a brutal sex scene. Even tough her face and physic may make you want to go easy on her at first, by the time you see just how cock-hungry she really is, you will change your mind and want to fuck her little throat as well.


The image in which she looks up with her brown puppy eyes as she takes out that big, bad dick out of her mouth leaving a strip of saliva out is really cock hardening and I think you are going to agree with me on this one. And the image where she sits all pouting on the floor having her hands and ankles cuffed while getting her pussy abused is simply heart-warming.


Don’t let her innocent look fool you cause she can take a true cock down her tight pussy like a fucking champion because in the evening when she should be doing her homework she is fantasizing about this kind of bondage sex. I bet her diary is full of filthy stuff that got to come true now that she has been abducted.


Because she has been acting like a spoiled brat she gets to have a red ball gag inserted in her mouth and some clothes pins to cover her delicate skin just so she can think again before whining while getting fucked by a big, handsome stranger. She should be thanking him for the thrashing she’s getting, it’s not that every girl gets her most dirty fantasies fulfilled.


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