Bound And Fucked Blonde Babe



Twenty-three year old, Carter Cruise, becomes Mr. Pete’s bondage bitch in this intense, rough sex scene. Carter is fucked hard and deep before she orgasms in this classic, bdsm session.


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James Deen and Rose Red Bondage Fuck At Ranch



James Deen joins Rose Red in this ridiculously hot feature presentation. Rose plays a 22-year-old All American girl who loves to get rough and James does what he does best, which is giving her exactly what she needs.


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Two Lost Fuck Slaves: Apocalyptic Hunter Scores Big



Darling and Casey Calvert find themselves captured by a hunter in a post-apocalyptic future. They’re all alone with nowhere to go and no one to hear their screams. He torments them with bondage and then fucks them both raw with rough sex and anal, leaving their pussies soaking wet with huge orgasms.


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Busty blonde get her ass and breasts fucked and paddled while being tied up in rough sex

This has got to be the most gorgeous blonde I have ever seen: her tits are as big as her sexual appetite and that corset does wonderful for her delicious body and the way that that ass looks while being fucked… let’s just say that it gives a whole new aura to the concept of rough sex.


If you would have her at home you could hardly keep your hands off of those breasts and that ass. I bet that you are just going to love the way this blonde slave’s ass looks after getting paddled, it’s a shade of red that I won’t forget my entire life. And her breasts look so perfect that you almost feel sorry to hit them but you know you must… it’s for her own good and discipline…


Best thing to do is have those cheeky nipples clamped and pull those clamps until you get from her the answers that you need. She is as cooperative as she is insatiable. Such a beauty needs to be pampered so you would do best to tie her up in leather bounds and rub her precious pussy with an electrical toy until she cums and you see her sweet juices flowing down her enormous thighs.


Collecting those juices with your cock you aim her ass and fuck it like it’s never been fucked before, you know she is no virgin so you have no mercy on her, having brutal bondage sex with her tight hole. Knowing that she loves it, you tie her down to the bed, fuck her some more in the ass, all the while rubbing her pussy until the both of you cum together exhausted. This is what makes D/s relationships special, being able to cum together on command.


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Brunette slave gets her holes abused in a bar by a Dominant bartender in extreme bdsm sex

What a lovely and thrill seeking minks we have in these bondage videos. I bet that his horny bartender could hardly wait for one like her to walk in and start to ask for trouble. From head to toe her body seems to be aching not only for punishment but for cock as well. So she will realize soon  that sometimes it pays off to tease a horny bartender but only after having extreme sex with him.


I can tell by the way she looks at him that she can hardly wait to have her ass plugged and he can  hardly wait to see how her cunt drips with desire while he is playing with her ass. Torture is sweet and acceptable in this case of course and they both know this.


As wicked as her sight may seem, when she gets undressed you will be in awe to watch her perfect breasts, it almost makes me feel sorry for her when I see that her nipples are bound with weights but who am I to stop her having this done to her if she enjoys it? Another thing that she seems to enjoy profoundly is sucking cock. And my God, does this woman have the prettiest mouth and throat for this particular activity, she seems unstoppable. I think she had bondage sex on her mind from the first time she ever seen a dick in her life. These kind of girls are your favourite, wouldn’t you agree?


Her ass must be her most erotic weak spot because she can’t seem to stop wanting to have things inserted there, be they cocks or other pleasuring objects, and she can take it up her ass like no other woman I’ve ever seen. She enjoys it so much that our bartender over here has to make her silenced using a mouth gag. As a happy ending, this story concludes with a nice facial at the bar, while she is  tied up to a device, begging for cum. Just another fantasy that was fulfilled for this guy I suppose.


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