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Young, submissive girl gets fucked by a younger man after having sucked his father’s huge dick

You hear these kind of stories all of the time, beautiful, young blonde tries to make it big so she hooks up with an older, divorced man. But in this kinky video the plot thickens as do the both dicks here because the younger boy wants to fuck the living daylight out of his soon-to-be step mother.


So as this not so bright blonde sucks off her sugar daddy’s cock, the son watches carefully and plans his attack on this sultry minx. She knows she is irresistible but I am not sure if brutal sex is really her thing, but we will find out soon enough.


She does do dress as if she wanted to get fucked non-stop, a thing that is very likely to happen when the son catches her alone in the house, he does not hesitate to strip her naked as soon as he can in order to see what his father finds so irresistible to fuck. Tying her up and shoving a ball gag in her mouth, he takes advantage of her fucking her in a manner that you would believe to be crazy.


As she moans and pleads, he clearly realizes that he is only taking advantage of his old man and is enjoying having sex with his son also, so he takes her to his big bed, ties her up and canes some sense into her, trying to make her admit that she only sucks his dad’s dick because of the money involved. She does not admit things so easily so as she is spread on the bed he uses clothes pins to clamp her nipples and makes sure that she also receives both pain and pleasure whilst admitting being a greedy little whore. Ultimately he makes her both confess and cum at the same time.


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