Gorgeous flat-chested slave is abducted and fucked by a Dominant stranger in bdsm violent sex

I know I have had this abduction fantasy countless times but I never get tired of it. Somehow I find the idea of being taken over a stranger’s shoulder, have my mouth covered by his hand and getting tied up extremely erotic.


The feeling of being helpless in the hands of an aroused man makes me want to swoon with lust, just imagining his fingers roaming between my wet pussy lips, parting them to discover that I am ready to be fucked roughly and to become His personal sex slave. Of course this would all have to be planed beforehand by a man with whom I would have lots in common and who would take pleasure in making me his personal cum slut, just like the girl from this bondage video is. She seems to be enjoying getting humiliated and stepped on just as much as I would, since she is on her knees, cheek pressed against the floor in submission, her ass red from all of the spanking that took place because she was feisty when she got tied up.


The way her breasts look with those clamps make my own stand in attention and harden. She knows it’s useless to fight this urge of her that is consuming her on the inside and makes her act like the slut that she is, I should know so. I feel like this almost all of the time. Can hardly wait to be put on all fours and have a Dominant man stick his cock down my throat. Her favourite kinky sex practice is obviously bondage since she is getting her own throat fucked while she is being tied to a bed frame, I would have to say that my personal favourite is anal play, but us slaves, we are very different from one another and unique, each having a kink they like best that represents them.


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